About IBS

A society by name "Indian Brachytherapy society" had been formed on February 5,2005 at Chennai. The Society is a non-profit, non-trade, an all India organization primarily engaged in academic and research activities in the field of brachytherapy and its allied science.

The activities of the Society shall include all kinds of activities necessary for the functioning of its objectives as stated above, and in particular the holding of meetings, Seminars, Conferences and the publication of books and periodicals.

Presedential Message

Our Objectives

Our Objective

  1. To promote brachytherapy and its application in medicine and biology.
  2. To identify and support clinical practice, teaching, research and development work in brachytherapy and its related fields.
  3. To provide forum for doctors engaged or interested in the field of brachytherapy and to arrange scientific meetings and discussions on a regular basis.
  4. To take suitable measures to disseminate worldwide information in this field to all members of the Society.
  5. To promote academic activities in brachytherapy and allied sciences. To assist Government and non-Government agencies in matters pertaining to brachytherapy.
  6. To protect and preserve the interest of members.

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